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    Unsurpassed Services for Our Members

    Within all 401(k) plan structures, there are numerous areas of fiduciary responsibility that employers need to be aware of. As a well-informed employer, we believe you will appreciate the fiduciary support offered by NADART - we recommend you compare NADART’s wealth of fiduciary support with any competitor’s.

    NADART’s Fiduciary Services Are Very Different From Other 401(k) Administrators

    If you choose NADART as your retirement services provider, we offer exceptional support in the areas of plan administration, trustee and investment services. Our unique service offerings include:

    Discretionary Plan Trustee

    NADART's Investment Choice and Classic plans offer a named Discretionary Plan Trustee. It is important to differentiate this role from that of the more often offered "Directed Trustee" which does not serve in the same fiduciary capacities as a Discretionary Plan Trustee. 

    3(16) Plan Administrator Fiduciary

    If you search plan offerings nationwide, you will be hard pressed to find providers who assume this role - it's most often assumed by the plan sponsor. While serving member plans as Plan Administrator, NADART provides these services for your plan:

    • Annual participant notices
    • Creation AND distribution of consolidated Annual Participant Fee Disclosures to all participants
    • Late deposit identification / processing
    • Tax filings
    • Processing of QDROs
    • Form 5500 Production / signature / filing
    • Form SSA production / filing
    • Plan Document management
    • Distribution of benefits

    3(38) Investment Manager Fiduciary

    This fiduciary is responsible for selecting and monitoring the investment options available to your plan. While most plans offer a more limited advisory fiduciary role, your NADART Trustee has retained Mercer, a global leader for trusted investment consulting, who provides discretionary management and investment advisory services. Guided by NADART's Investment Policy Statement, the Trustee and Mercer monitor the investment lineups and performance and make appropriate changes or recommendations.

    Thorough Oversight – The Trustee Oversight Committee

    The Discretionary Plan Trustee and 3(38) Investment Manager fiduciary activities are analyzed and overseen by this important committee. This intensive layer of oversight is included in our offering, and you are not likely to find it in other plans.

    NADART stands alone in its capacity to support and protect our plan sponsors. But don’t take our word for it — compare your plan to ours and see the difference.

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